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Does your child experience bedwetting?

Nocturnal enuresis, or simply bedwetting can be a symptom of a compromised airway.


Dr Mark Levi, Australian leader in Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine can help cure bedwetting targeting a common underlying cause of nocturnal enuresis.


No Medication.

No Surgery.

No Alarms.


Adolescents who suffer from bedwetting are frustrated and embarrassed

Parents with children who struggle with bedwetting know the impact on your child goes far beyond wet sheets and disrupted sleep for the child and parents when your child wets the bed.

Bedwetting also has a negative psychological and social costs on your child. It also causes stress, creates additional workload, and makes other emotional impacts on parents.


The result is a life full of anxiety, frustration, and struggle for both children and their parents.

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We're passionate about helping children & their families thrive.

The full impact of adolescent bedwetting extends far beyond impacting children. Parents feel the very real impact.


The stress of seeking a solution often leaves parents defeated and frustrated.


Parents can suffer similar psychological and social struggles. The stress often fractures relationships with your child. The stress of dealing with the bedwetting has drastic impacts on your personal health.


And the inability to say “yes” to sleepover events for your child can cause similar social struggles for parents, as other parents have more opportunities to socialise.

With these impacts, and others, it’s not hard to see how devastating bedwetting can be.

Australian Leader in Pediatric Craniofacial Sleep Medicine
Australian Leader in Pediatric Craniofacial Sleep Medicine

Dr Mark Levi

Pediatric Craniofacial Sleep Medicine

Dr Mark Levi has over 30 years experience as a Dentist, and over 20 years in Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine. He is a member of the Australasian Sleep Association, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

As a former sufferer of Sleep Apnoea, Dr Levi understands the problem from all perspectives, and has the technical expertise to provide the best customised and appropriate solution to suit your individual needs.

• Trained in the USA by the world's leading Sleep Experts
• Often seen on national television
• Lectures widely

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Do you know someone who is struggling with any of these conditions?


  • Lower IQ

  • Chronic Allergies

  • Aggressive Behavior

  • Mouth Breathing

  • Swollen Adenoids & Tonsils

  • Daytime Drowsiness

  • Crooked Teeth

  • Restless Sleep 

They could all be linked to one root cause...

  • Bedwetting

  • Nightmares

  • Dark Circles Under the Eyes

  • Snoring

  • Irritability

  • Frequent Headaches

  • Delayed Growth & Development

  • Difficulty in School

  • Trouble Concentrating


Dr Mark Levi

Craniofacial Dental

Sleep Medicine

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