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Paediatric Resources

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the Risk of Atopic Dermatitis:
A Population-Based Case Control Study
Sleep-Disordered Breathing in a Population-Based Cohort:
Behavioral Outcomes at 4 and 7 Years
Effects of mouth breathing on facial skeletal development in children:
A systematic review and meta-analysis
Impact of airway dysfunction on dental health
​Impact of rapid palatal expansion on the size of adenoids and tonsils in children
The Association of Nocturnal Enuresis and Breathing Disorders in Children with Sleep Disordered Breathing: A Retrospective Review of Pediatric Cases Treated with a Preformed Monoblock Oral Appliance
High Risk of Sleep Disordered Breathing in the Enuresis Population
Resolution of Pediatric Chronic Rhinitis using Biomimetic Oral Appliance Therapy: A Case Report
Sleep Disordered Breathing and Risk for ADHD: Review of Supportive Evidence and Proposed Underlying Mechanisms
Association between oral habits, mouth breathing and malocclusion

Adult Resources

Restoration of sleep using a novel biomimetic protocol for adult OSA: Clinical case report
Changes in 3D nasal cavity volume after biomimetic oral appliance therapy in adults
A Novel Combined Protocol for the Resolution of Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Craniofacial Enhancement Using a Biomimetic Oral Appliance (/orthodontics/9866-craniofacialenhancement-using-a-biomimetic-oral-appliance)
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